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West Palm Beach Amateur Radio Group
West Palm Beach Amateur Radio Group
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Worked All Palm Beach

Award Guidelines

Purpose: To encourage contacts with Palm Beach County amateur radio operators on a variety of bands using various modes of operation and from many locations within the county. This is a county with a large population (thousands) of active amateurs and offers year round contact possibilities both locally, within Florida, from other states, from the Caribbean and South America, and throughout the rest of the world.

Awards / Endorsements may be applied for at any time. The WAPB Contest provides a good time to start or complete contacts needed for the Award or an Endorsement.

Contacts may be made by Repeater or Simplex (point to point).


  • SSB / D-STAR
  • Digital (CW, RTTY, PSK31, etc)
  • FM
  • AM


All authorized frequencies between 160M to 1.2 GHz


  • Signal Report - RS(T) + 4 Character Location
  • Location Outside PBC is 4 character grid square
  • Location Inside PBC County is County/City Designator Code


  • Certificate (suitable for framing) for working every County/City Designator Code
  • Endorsements available for additional bands and modes
  • SWL Certificate for confirmations from every County/City Designator Code

Confirmations may be submitted from QSL Cards, LOTW, and QRZ Log or in a Cabrillo Format file. A combination of methods is permissible.

Email log in Cabrillo file format and/or LOTW and QRZ info to with a subject line of Award Log Info. Mail QSL cards to WPBARC C/O 113 N Dory Road, North Palm Beach, FL 33408. Enclose a return envelope and postage if you want cards returned. Be sure in include your contact info.

Find rules at: