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Worked All Palm Beach

Contest Objective

Purpose: To encourage Palm Beach County amateur radio operators to get on the air and get experience making contacts on a variety of bands using various modes of operation and from many locations within the county. (This is similar to what you may do after a disaster like a hurricane or tornado). Whether you use a multiple band/mode HF radio with a tower and beam or a 2-Meter FM only handheld; everyone can participate, score well and have fun! The contest is not limited to Palm Beach County amateurs. Those from neighboring counties as well as around the US are encouraged and expected to participate and are scored independently from those operating within Palm Beach County.


October 22-23, 2011
1000 UTC Oct 22 to 0200 UTC Oct 24 (6AM Saturday to 10PM Sunday Local Time)

Contacts may be made by Repeater or Simplex (point to point). Scoring is weighted to favor simplex operation since it is more difficult, but a higher number of contacts via repeater will outscore a lower number of simplex contacts. Satellite contacts are scored as simplex.


  • SSB / D-STAR
  • Digital (CW, RTTY, PSK31, etc)
  • FM
  • AM


All authorized frequencies between 160M to 1.2 GHz


  • Signal Report - RS(T) + 4 Character Location
  • Location Outside PBC is 4 character grid square
  • Location Inside PBC County is County/City Designator Code


  • Single Operator Multiple Bands
  • Single Operator Single Band 160-15
  • Single Operator Single Band 10-6
  • Single Operator Single Band 2M - 1.2 GHz
  • Multi Operator Single Band
  • Multi Operator Multiple Bands

QSO Points

  • 1 Point for any repeater QSO
  • 1 Point per 160-15M QSO
  • 2 Points per 10-6M QSO
  • 3 Points per 2M QSO
  • 4 Points per 220/440 QSO
  • 5 Points per Satellite QSO
  • 6 Points per >450 QSO


  • 1X - Each Location
  • 1X - Each band
  • 1X - Each Mode
  • 1X - Operator Licensed less than 1 year before contest date
  • 1X - 5 watts or less (QRP)

Score Calculation

Total score = Total QSO Points x Total of Multipliers (See Online Rules for examples)


  • Top 3 Scores in each class outside Palm Beach County Certificate
  • Top 3 Scores in each class inside Beach County Certificate
  • Top score overall outside Palm Beach County Plaque
  • Top score overall inside Palm Beach County - Plaque

E-mail logs to: in a Cabrillo Format file.

Find rules at: