Membership : West Palm Beach Amateur Radio Group
West Palm Beach Amateur Radio Group
West Palm Beach Amateur Radio Group
Helping Hams and the Community Since the 1930's
Dayton Hamvention International 2013 Club of the Year
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Membership Application

It's easy to join our group. The dues are just $25 for 12 months from the time the member joins. If someone joins August 1, 2016 there renewal would be July 1, 2017 and be expired August 1, 2017.

Family Membership:

Husband and wife (parent & child?) both joining would get a $35 rate for annual membership for both.

Family includes all licensed members of the same family residing at the same QTH.

Life Membership:

12 X the annual rate of $25. Currently $300.

Membership Application

2015 Officers

  • President: Mike Renz, KA1UDV (774) 313-0698
  • Vice President: Ray Sacks, K1RFL
  • Secretary: Ruth Haggerty, KK4ENO
  • Treasurer: Tom Gallagher, NY2RF
  • Assistant Treasurer: Ruth Haggerty, KK4ENO

Board of Directors (in addition to Officers)

  • Director: Jerry Grant, KI4NUV
  • Director: Bob Hagans, W4SOG<
  • Director: Jim Nagle, KF4OD

Volunteer Exam Coordinator

  • ARRL VEC: Bob Hagans, W4SOG<

Financial Auditors

  • Auditor: Bob Hagans, W4SOG
  • Auditor: Nancie Rathbun, KG4HMC