Membership : West Palm Beach Amateur Radio Group
West Palm Beach Amateur Radio Group
West Palm Beach Amateur Radio Group
Helping Hams and the Community Since the 1930's
W4HAW   •   WS4FSC   •   K4WPB   •   W4PBH
Dayton Hamvention International 2013 Club of the Year
Next Net:
Ragchew, Tuesday 7:00PM
Next Meeting:
Wednesday, October 22, 2014 7PM


Membership Application

It's easy to join our group. The dues are just $25 for 12 months from the time the member joins. If someone joins August 1, 2014 there renewal would be July 1, 2015 and be expired August 1, 2015.

Family Membership:

Husband and wife (parent & child?) both joining would get a $35 rate for annual membership for both.

Family includes all licensed members of the same family residing at the same QTH.

Life Membership:

12 X the annual rate of $25. Currently $300.

Membership Application

2013 Officers

  • President: Jerry Grant, KI4NUV (561-309-7272)
  • Vice President: Mike Renz, KA1UDV
  • Secretary: Ruth Haggerty, KK4ENO
  • Treasurer: Tom Gallagher, NY2RF
  • Assistant Treasurer: Ruth Haggerty, KK4ENO
  • Director: Tom Loughney, AJ4XM (561-667-7665)
  • Director: Rex Rathbun, AJ4GC
  • Director: Bob Hagans, W4SOG