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West Palm Beach Amateur Radio Group
West Palm Beach Amateur Radio Group
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Please support those who have supported us.

DELL Computers, Austin, TX

DELL was our first sponsor with a generous donation of a high end 64-bit computer running Windows 7 complete with a high resolution monitor and all the accessories. We make use of this every day to run software control of our radios and demonstrate a variety of technologies to the students who visit our station at the Museum.

Gunns Quality Glass, Jupiter, FL

When we needed to make a separate Radio Room and Exhibit Room Gunn supplied and installed the "Studio Glass" for us. This lets people observe the radio room in operation while reducing the noise in both rooms. Their knowledge and expertise in the glass field was invaluable and they saved us hundreds of dollars by donating both the materials and labor.

The Radio Club of America Inc, Littleton, CO

This 100+ year old organization has been very supportive of our efforts and has arranged donations of some older used equipment so we always have somethoing to show the youngsters and give them a taste of what Amateur Radio is about. Special thanks go to noted Amateur Radio instructor and author Carole Perry, WB2MGP, for her work as the Director of the Youth Activities Program in supporting our efforts.

Your Company can be listed here! Just contact one of the officers on our Membership or Contact page and let us know how you want to help. Thank You!